Termotecnica Pericoli - TERMOTECNICA PERICOLI

Termotecnica Pericoli is an Italian family company. Market leader in ventilation, heating and cooling equipment for agricultural, livestock and industrial environments

We have been providing solutions for the ideal climate since 1967. Everywhere in the world
Pericoli offers a full range of exhaust and circulator fans capable to meet the customers' needs by ensuring excellent and certified performances for livestock buildings, greenhouses and industrial applications
Our adiabatic cooling line provides the perfect combination of usability, reliability and low running costs
Our wide range of heaters looks at the efficiency, versatility and thermal efficiency. Suitable for every application
We pay close attention to raw materials.
Our products are made of materials which resist even in the most aggressive environments
Behind every single product there is not only a processing, but the commitment and passion of a highly qualified team
PERIlab is a fundamental tool to develop high level performances and to be always up-to-date in research
We are an Italian family business that looks at the world. We have facilities and offices in Malaysia, Mexico and Jordan
Termotecnica Pericoli. A glance to the future